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Bi-Cutter™ Screenless Granulation

Ultra-Compact, Low Speed Screenless Granulators
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Cut... Don't Grind!

Our patented press-side screenless granulators are designed to provide a clean, high-quality, uniform regrind by CUTTING and not grinding the material. They are low speed, low energy consuming units that provide a quiet low maintenance processing of sprue/runners. Bi-Cutters™ produce regrind that is free of longs with minimal fines, which allows customers to reclaim more material. Our ultra-compact beside-the-press design is half the footprint of others in the industry.

Cutting Process

Runners are introduced into the top feed hopper. First stage “S” shaped cutters grab the runner and reduce the runner to a manageable size. The lower rotary cutter grabs and CUTS the runner pieces into uniform, quality regrind. The cut regrind drops into the lower collection bin for immediate use.

Our patented cutting process allows us to cut TPEs and hard engineered or filled resins.

Cutting Chamber

Swing-up casting doors allow the cutting chamber to be opened completely for ease of access for cleaning and maintaining.

Small Footprint Beside-The-Press
High Quality D-2 Steel Lower Cutters
No Sizing Screen Uniform Particles No Longs or Dust
Reduced Fines Low Energy Quiet Operation
Low Horsepower Easy Cleanout Easy Maintenance


Overall Height

Overall Width

Overall Length

Caster Height

Base Height

Chamber Height

Hopper Length

Hopper Width


Rotation Speed
“S” blades
(1st stage)

Rotation Speed
Lower Rotary
(2nd stage)

Shipping Weight

Hourly Throughput

Gear Ratio


48” 17” 20” 3 1⁄2” 6 3⁄4” 9 3⁄4” 10” 16” .5HP/.3kW



  225lb   ± 10lb   30:1


54 1⁄4” 21” 20” 3 7⁄8” 6 3⁄4” 13 3⁄4” 16 3/8″ 16 3/8” 1HP/.75kW



  465lb   ± 30lb   30:1


69 3/4” 26” 29” 6” 10” 17 5/8” 22 1/2” 21 1/2” 2HP/1.5kW



  910lb   ± 50lb   30:1

Product specifications based on standard options/unit, custom features may change information provided, and design is subject to change without notice.

Proper Cutter Size determined during product consultation.

Evacuation Options

Blower Evacuation System

Our #1 RECOMMENDED evacuation option for regrind removal. It works with all material types and it is highly recommended for soft materials (example: TPE/TPU’s).

Pellet Mover System

Easy to use and install evacuation system. Operates without moving parts to move regrind. Uses only a small flow of ordinary industrial compressed air.

High Quality Regrind Is Our Mission

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