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Dust and Fine Separation

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Picture shows the entire package including: DFS-0618; DFS MATERIAL LOADING SYSTEM; and DFS CART PACKAGE

Our DFS is a gravity feed fines removal system. DFS units can be used press-side or centrally depending on the application. If used in conjunction with our recommended Material Loading System, dust particles may be removed from regrind and virgin material as well.

How It Works

A material hopper (available separately) is mounted to the DFS mounting flange. From the material hopper, gravity feeds the material into feed throat and into the rotating tumbler and gating system. As the material slowly flows through, the fines
filter through screen and exit the outlet. The clean regrind continues to move through the tumbler and gating system and exits the motor-side outlet port.

Patent # 8,556,082

Throughput estimates vary due to material type, size and quality; and filtering screen size. Several DFS models available. The filtering screen size is dependent on the type, size and quality of the regrind being introduced. A material sample must be submitted for evaluation for proper sizing.

The tumbler and filter screen are easily removed for maintenance and cleanout. Unit must be grounded to help reduce static.

The DFS Includes

The DFS unit includes a 6”x6” mounting flange for a material hopper; rotating tumbler and gating system; filtering screen; 110v motor with on/off controls, and 2.0” O.D. outlet ports.






Footprint 27″L x 8″W x 16″H 30″L x 12″W x 24″H 39″L x 14″W x 29″H 56″L x 20″W x 46-9/25″H
Voltage 110V Single-Phase 110V Single-Phase 110V Single-Phase 110V Single-Phase
Cylinder Hole Dimensions 3/32″(1/16″, 1/8″ & 5/32″) 3/32″ (1/16″, 1/8″ & 5/32″) 3/32″ (1/16″, 1/8″ & 5/32″) 3/32″ (1/16″, 1/8″ & 5/32″)
Fines Discharge Tube 1.5″O.D. 2.0″O.D. 2.0″O.D. 2.0″O.D.
Regrind Discharge Tube 1.5″O.D. 2.0″O.D. 2.0″O.D. 6.3″ x 1.5″O.D.
Throughput +-30LBs/Hour +-60LBs/Hour +-250LBs/Hour +-1200LBs/Hour
Press-Side Use X X X
Central Use X X

Product specifications based on standard options/unit, custom features may change information provided, and design is subject to change without notice.

Also Available

Material Loading System


Portable Carts and Bins

The cart is used to house the DFS unit, material holding bins and the Material Loading System in a compact, portable way making it easy to use.

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