Enhance Molding Process by Removing Dust, Powders and Fines
Size Reduction Specialists, known for the Bi-Cutter screenless granulator, announces the release of their latest DFS series Dust and Fine Removal System. The DFS Series is a line of innovative, compact dust and fine separation systems developed to enhance molding procedures by the removal of dust, powders and fines from regrind or virgin material. The DFS Series uses a patented, rotating tumbling process (sometimes with vacuum assist) to remove powder and fines from the regrind or virgin material.
The Model 0308 DFS System was created for limited space environments. The Model 0308 is built so that it can be easily mounted press-side to your current granulator system. The 0308 compliments the already established Model 0412 that was released last year. The Model 0308 is even more compact in size than the Model 0412, while still maintaining an impressive 25lbs +/- per hour (varies with material). 

“Our customers expressed a need for smaller, press-side mounted product,” says Don Maynard, Product Development Manager, of Size Reduction Specialists. “The small, compact footprint allows this DFS series to be easily installed and used press-side. Full accessibility with a tilt-back cover allows this unit to be serviced and cleaned-out easily, making it user friendly and reducing down time.”
Custom applications and sizing is available to meet our customers’ needs.

See the introduction of the Model 0308 which will be on demonstration during the NPE 2015 show at booth # W-4223.

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If you’d like more information about this topic, or would like to schedule an interview with Don Maynard, please call Tina Dafoe at (517) 333-2605 or e-mail Tina at TDafoe@SRSCorp.com.