Enhance Molding Process by Removing Dust, Powders and Fines

Size Reduction Specialists, known for the Bi-Cutter screenless granulator, today announces the release of the SRS DFS series dust and fine removal system. The SRS DFS series is a new, innovative, compact dust/fine separation system developed to enhance molding procedures by the removal of dust, powders and fines from regrind or virgin material. It uses a patented, rotating tumbling process (sometimes with vacuum assist) to remove powder and fines from the regrind or virgin material.

“I saw a need for a small, economical product,” says Don Maynard, CEO of Size Reduction Specialists. “The small, compact footprint allows this DFS series to be easily installed and used press-side and/or in a central grind area. Full accessibility with a tilt-back cover allows this unit to be serviced and cleaned-out easily, making it user friendly and reducing down time.”

Initial DFS series throughput testing far exceeded expectations at up to 1800 pounds per hour of regrind with a standard screen size of 1/8th inch (.125-inch). The DFS series dust and fine removal system requires 110v single phase, or 230 or 460 three phase electrical.

Two models (DFS-1236 and DFS-0618) of the DFS series is now available to order. Both units are compact and small. The main difference is in product throughput with the DFS-1236 producing up to 1800 pounds per hour and the DFS-0618 producing up to 800 pounds per hour. Custom applications and sizing is available to meet the customer’s needs.

Model DFS-0618 will be on demonstration during the NPE 2012 show at booth #4153. A discounted introductory price will also be available at the show.

With over 50 years combined experience in press-side screenless granulation, Size Reduction Specialists is the specialist in screenless granulation. In 1988, president and CEO Don Maynard helped Nissui Kako introduce the Nissui S-Cutter press-side screenless granulator to the U.S market. Before that time, screenless granulation was an “unknown” in the U.S. Then in 1997, SRS changed the industry by introducing the two-stage, press-side Bi-Cutter screenless granulator and fine separation equipment.

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If you’d like more information about this topic, or would like to schedule an interview with Don Maynard, please call Tina Dafoe at 517/333-2605 or e-mail Tina at TDafoe@SRSCorp.com.