Periodically, we send information and updates to customers to assist in maintaining their Bi- Cutter screenless granulators. If you have an email address, we would appreciate it so that we may send the information in a timely manner. Please email Tina Dafoe at so that she may add you to the list. Please note that we do not give this information out to anyone- it is confidential.

It is very important to keep the Bi-Cutters in safe, good working order. By maintaining it properly, you will reduce overall costs and preserve the quality of regrind.


Problem:  Increase in fines

Solution: Dull cutters, incorrectly sized or adjusted cutters, or improper evacuation will cause  more fines.

    • Cutters should be sharpened or replaced
    • A large diameter runner requires more tolerance or larger cutter size
    • Evacuation should be set at every 3-5 minutes

Problem:  Worn back-up

Solution: Premature back-up wear can be caused by not evacuating properly.

    • Evacuation should be set at every 3 to 5 minutes

Problem:  Granulator not shutting down when hopper is open

Solution: IMMEDIATELY pull the granulator offline-  this is a safety hazard. The safety switch is defective and should be replaced. Please contact our service department at 517-333-2605 for immediate assistance.

Preventative maintenance should be performed every 3 to 4 months. Refer to your service manual before completing the following preventive maintenance procedures.

  1. Inspect all cutting teeth surfaces for wear, damage or adjustment.
  2. Stationary Blade – Keep a sharp, keen edge by surface grinding. A sharp stationary blade will give you a better-quality cut and longer blade life.
  3. Remove gear reducer cover and lubricate gears with Special Moly Multi-Purpose Citgo brand Premium Lithium E.P.-2 Grease # 655212 or equivalent.
  4. Inspect electrical cord and connections for excessive wear, looseness or corrosion.
  5. Inspect the safety switch, hopper support brackets, safety pin and safety mechanism. 

If any problems are noted, please contact our service department at 517-333-2605.

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