Lowell Allen, Vice President of Manufacturing for The Rodon Group of Hatfield, PA commented, “we’ve seen a number of important benefits from using the Bi-Cutter granulator that we purchased from Size Reduction Specialists (SRS) of Lansing, Michigan. First, it saved a number of jobs for us by its ability to handle difficult, low durometer soft materials such as EVA. Using our conventional granulators, the material was virtually un-runnable. Using the Bi-Cutter, we ran the material with no problems. This is not to mention the noise reduction we achieved with the Bi-Cutter. Also, the reduction in fines and dust using the Bi-Cutter granulator means we don’t have the bridging and clean-out problems we had in the past.”

Reprocessing 100% of the Re-Grind Material

“We have conventional granulators but we use the Bi-Cutters for many of our jobs. Don Maynard, National Sales Manager of SRS, has been very cooperative in providing us with help on hopper design and other items that helped us improve our productivity. Occasionally there are times when we have rejects from our molding operation and we batch grind runners through the Bi-Cutters.

The Bi-Cutters are slower but they do a much better job of grinding. Normally a runner is entering the Bi-Cutter grinder about every 20 to 30 seconds, and at this rate we are virtually reprocessing 100% of our regrind material.

This was not the case years ago. Before, it was very labor intensive and not very cost effective. In fact, we now have a long range program for replacing a number of our conventional granulators and switching over to Bi-Cutters. We have about 15 Bi-Cutters now and we love the machine. We use the vacuum loader and the sprue picker robots for material handling and they both work as an ideal combination with the Bi-Cutter granulator. We are producing parts for a major toy company and the soft elastomers material is ideal for our customer’s application. The SRS Bi-Cutter granulator is the only grinder that we’ve found effectively reprocesses this material with no problems.”

Bi-Cutter Granulator Handles Hard Materials

Tom Moore, Plant Manager for The Rodon Group said, “I know many people feel that the Bi-Cutter granulator works best with the lower durometer or softer materials but I’ve found that it works equally well with the hard materials such as glass filled nylon.

I feel this is actually one of the best applications for the grinder. This material is commonly used on electronic parts such as an insulator for housings and switches. The Bi-Cutter literally palletizes this material so it becomes almost like virgin material for reprocessing.

Savings in Material and Labor

Before we purchased the Bi-Cutter granulators, we had more labor intensive granulators and we had to always blend virgin material in with the regrind or it wouldn’t feed. The Bi-Cutter is much cleaner and quieter and the regrind quality is so good that we don’t have to add virgin material for reprocessing, the machine feeds itself.

We’re a completely automated shop so we have one person run a number of machines. If on one of the machines an operator has to mix the material, that person will run fewer machines. With the Bi-Cutter we are now able to make our operations more efficient. The Bi-Cutter Screenless Granulator definitely lends itself to the automation we have in place. By eliminating that extra labor is where we find our savings.”

Close Tolerance, Patented Cutter Design

According to Don Maynard of SRS, “The reason the Bi-Cutter granulator is so effective is that it utilizes a two shaft, patented cutter design. This unique design allows the second stage stationary and rotary cutters to be adjusted to very tight tolerances…this allows soft material to be cut into consistent particle sizes that can be easily reprocessed through the injection molding machine. This is also the reason the new SRS Bi-Cutter granulator is so effective for cutting hard materials such as glass filled materials.”

The Bi-Cutter granulator is available in a range of sizes, from 6” x 8”, up to 15” x 17” cutting chambers. Customers can send their TPE or other materials to SRS for testing and evaluation. SRS will return the results from running the sprues and runners on the new Bi-Cutter granulator.